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10 Resources for the 1st Day of School

posted Aug 19, 2014, 1:30 PM by
It's that time again...the first day of school is almost here!  Here are ten things that might help you the first day of class.

1. Namez  Ever look at your roll sheet and wonder how to pronounce someone's name?  Put their name into Namez and they will take the guesswork out of it.  I would love to hear about it if any of you use it.  I have not tried this one before.  You can also record how to say your name into Namez.

2.  How Do You Play...  Looking for a great way to break the ice the first day?  Check out How Do You Play for great name games and icebreaker activities.

3. First Day of School/Class Rule Memes Memes are very popular with students and a great way to grab their attention.  Check out these memes related to classroom behavior and first day questions.

4.  Meme Maker  In case you want to get crazy and make your own meme.  I just made this one!

5. Resources for Sending Group Texts  Communication with students and parents is important and you will most likely want to get this set up as soon as possible.  Most teachers here use Remind 101 but there are several options available.  

6. Social Media Another great way to communicate with your students is via Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram.  For ideas on ways to use Facebook check out the KHS Library Facebook page or the Kilgore Tennis Facebook page.  Use Twitter to create searchable hashtags and to have students submit their own thoughts and be able to respond to each other and to you.  Instagram is image based so you can send out annoucements, links, etc. in an image based format or you can have students submit their own images to answer questions, ask questions, etc.  Follow the KHS on Instagram or Twitter @kdogslibrary 

7. Said No Teacher Ever- In case you haven't seen it...this is a must watch for all teachers.

8.  5 Ways to Use Memes to Connect with Students  Another great resource that will help you incorporate memes into your classroom.

9. Post It Game  Here are instructions on how to play a great first day game that encourages student feedback and student/teacher interaction.

10. Big Huge Labs Make posters, trading cards, maps, magazine covers etc. to decorate your room or for class projects. I just made this!