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10 Interactive Resources for Student Involvement

posted Nov 17, 2014, 8:01 AM by
Last week, we did an Eno board training for all of the PLCs.  Even if you do not have an Eno board, many of these resources are great to use in all classrooms and can be adapted for most subject areas.  Here are ten of my favorites.  Some are Christmas related.

1.  Jeopardy Labs- Jeopardy Labs allows user to create interactive Jeopardy games that can be saved and shared. Users can see correct responses and can add/take away points that will show on the screen. Up to 12 teams can play at the same time. This is a great tool for review and lets all of your students participate without having to pull out their cell phones. To see an example of an already created game, click here.

2. Newspaper map- Newspaper Map is so cool! Click on a country and automatically get their latest news of the day translated into English. This can be used for current events, journalism, research, foreign language, and more.  

3. Time Glider - Time Glider allows users to create interactive timelines. Videos, audio, images, text, links, and more can be inserted into the timelines. This is a great way for students to showcase their research. This is also a great way for you to present your own lessons to students.

4. Braineos- Create flashcards, play games and challenge your friends! 

5. Classroom Timers - Do you ever need to display a timer? Don't use a boring old regular timer! Use these creative classroom timers that include a snail race, a swim race, a rocket and more!

6. thinglink- Make images come alive by adding links and videos. This is another great way for students to showcase their research or for you to present information to students.

7. Super Teacher Tools- Create interactive games as well as make random groups and random name generators with this resource. You can search for games that others have made, play online or offline and easily share the games that you have created.

8. Interactive Christmas Word Search- Something fun if you need a time filler for the beginning or end of class.

9. Spot the Differences Christmas Game- Another fun Christmas related interactive time filler.

Students create their own comics online. This can be used for presenting research, foreign language, creative writing and more!