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10 Great Resources for Student Productivity

posted Feb 12, 2015, 12:15 PM by
The second semester is now underway and you may be looking for ways to integrate new activities and technology into your classroom.   Check out the resources below for inspiration.

1. Voki- Voki allows users to make their very own Avatar that will then speak in their voice or a computer generated voice.  This is a great way for students to show what they know in a fun way that they will enjoy. 

Use with web browser or with Puffin Academy App on mobile device

2. Lino- Lino allows users to collaborate/have discussions in a virtual cork board format.  This is a great resource for shy students that may be afraid to speak out in class.  

3. Narrable- Allows students to narrate their own stories over images.  Limited to 5 free Narrables per user.  

4. Fotobabble- Users can narrate over a single image.  

5. ToonDoo- Students can make their own digital comics.

6. Twitter- Post discussion questions.  Students can post their responses with a searchable hash tag.  Everyone's response can be viewed in the same place.  Students can also post links to their digital projects on Twitter.

7. Instagram-   Can be used similarly to Twitter.  Posts will be image based.  Students can respond to questions or post pictures of their work.

8. Google Classroom- Allows teachers to have a virtual component to their actual physical classroom. Students can turn in work, receive grades, and respond to discussions here. Teachers can use it for their class website, to post announcements, and assignments and more!

9.  Instagrok- Great for research and class discussions.  Creates a concept map for any topic that can be customized and shared.

10. Taxgedo- Turns any text into visually stunning word clouds.