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10 Formative Assessment Resources

posted Mar 4, 2014, 6:29 AM by
As Spring Break approaches you will find more and more students will be gone from class, testing approaches and the end of the school year will be here before you know it.  Why not mix things up a bit?  Do you need to test the knowledge of your students?  Do you need to review the material that you have covered?  Do it using these web tools that will help to make it more fun and make grading easier! 

1. Image Quiz- This site uses images to help students learn.  Search their site for pre-made quizzes that are tied to certain subject areas such as foreign language, history, math etc.  You can also make your own quizzes based on an image.  This is great for maps, pictures etc.  

2. Kahoot- Use this site to give your kids multimedia assessments.  You can add in videos, pictures and more!  It even has theme music to help add to the trivia like atmosphere.  This is web based and students can respond with any device connected to the web. Many of you used this application during our KHS iPad training. 

3. EduCanoneduCanon is an online learning environment to build and share interactive video lessons. Questions can be added and the lessons can be divided into smaller segments.  Student responses are easy to see and monitor. 

4. Metta- Metta allows users to create quick movies out of videos, pictures, texts and sounds that are already on the web or your own material that you upload.   Teachers can then insert polls, statistics, and quizzes into their Metta creations. 

5. Mentimeter- For a quicker assessment, you can use Mentimeter.  This is very similar to Poll Everywhere and allows users to quickly submit answers to one question or a series of questions and will output graph-like results for the teacher.  This would be a great bell ringer or end of class exit ticket.

6. Flubaroo- A script that can be added to your Google forms for easy automatic grading.

7. Doctopus- Another script that can be used to easily grade a Google form assessment and as a tool for differentiating, grouping, distributing and managing student projects in Google Drive.

8. GoobricGoobric allows for rubric-based grading of Google Drive resources (Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Folders, etc.) and --currently-- only works with resources created via the Doctopus Script for teachers.

9. Infuse Learning- Infuse Learning is a free student response system that works with any Internet-connected device including iPads and Android tablets. Infuse Learning allows teachers to push questions, prompts, and quizzes out to students' devices in private virtual classrooms. In an Infuse Learning room a teacher can give students a wide variety of formats in which to respond to a question or prompt. Students can reply to prompts and questions in standard multiple choice, true/false, and short answer formats. Infuse Learning also offers an option for students to reply by creating drawings or diagrams on their iPads, Android tablets, or on their laptops. It offers a couple of helpful accessibility options including support for multiple languages. Teachers can choose to enable translation for questions, prompts, and answer choices that students see on their devices. Another accessibility feature is audio narration for questions, prompts, and answer choices. To hear the audio students simply click on the audio button when viewing a question. Your questions can include images.

10. Twitter and Instagram- Twitter and Instagram accounts are free and about 99% of your students have them.  Tap into something they already use and love.  With Twitter they can send you tweets that include text, pictures, links, videos and more!  With Instagram they can do the same based around an image.  These are great quick assessment tools and great ways for students to show off their work.  Follow the KHS Library on Twitter and Instagram @kdogslibrary