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10 Alternatives to Google

posted Jan 9, 2013, 7:48 AM by   [ updated Jan 9, 2013, 7:51 AM ]
Today's students think that they can find the answer to everything using Google. They probably can...but will they find credible, authoritative information from good sources?  The search engines below help students narrow results and find good sources.  We also provide great databases through the library too of course!

KHS Library Databases

Finding Dulcinea This search engine is the Librarian of the Internet. FindingDulcinea presents only credible, high-quality and trustworthy Web sites, saving time for the novice and the experienced user alike.  Each piece, whether a Web Guide, a Beyond the Headlines story or a Netcetera article, receives the same meticulous research.  The Web sites included in each piece are connected through original narrative, providing users with information on each site before they even click on it.

Infotopia Infotopia is an academic search engine accessing only trusted websites previously selected by librarians, teachers and educational consortia. Infotopia is highly recommended for students, teachers, and home-schooled students.

RefSeek RefSeek is a web search engine for students and researchers that aims to make academic information easily accessible to everyone. RefSeek searches more than one billion documents, including web pages, books, encyclopedias, journals, and newspapers. RefSeek's unique approach offers students comprehensive subject coverage without the information overload of a general search engine—increasing the visibility of academic information and compelling ideas that are often lost in a muddle of sponsored links and commercial results.

Sweet Search This search engine searches only the 35,000 Web sites that were evaluated and approved when creating the content on findingDulcinea. They constantly evaluate their search results and "fine-tune" them, by increasing the ranking of Web sites from organizations such as the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian, PBS and university Web sites. SweetSearch helps students find outstanding information, faster. It enables them to determine the most relevant results from a list of credible resources, and makes it much easier for them to find primary sources. The very best Web sites that are often buried on other search engines appear on the first page of SweetSearch results.

WikiBrains WikiBrains is a growing community of creative people from all walks of life who embrace associative thinking to get inspired and out of the box. You may associate "Freud" to "Psychology", then someone across the globe links it to "Libido", another one to "Subconscious", and another one to "Dreams" and so on with ever-expanding branches and related content. It is a social, fun and smart space where ideas roam free and multiply. It is truly "The Worlds Largest Brainstorm." This is a very visual search engine and will be a great starting point for students who need direction.

Symbolab Symbolab is a semantic web search engine for math and science. It allows users to search for equations, formulas and expressions using mathematical symbols and scientific notations as well as full text search. The stated goal of the site is to provide the most relevant search results that are theoretically and semantically similar, rather than visually. This is done, partly, by applying proprietary machine learning algorithms in order to understand the meaning and context of the search queries. Symbolab indexes the full text and equations of online encyclopedias, dictionaries, academic publications, lectures, books and more currently covering mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Oamos Oamos questions search engines for up-to-date news, images, synonyms, music and videos in relation to your topics. The content is streamed audio-visually with or without sound and links.

Search Cube Search Cube is a visual search engine that provides users pictures of their results in a 3-D cube format.  This is great for visual students.

Similar Site Search Have you found a website that you really like using in your class?  Use this search engine to find sites that are similar to your favorite sites.

Twitter Search Do you want to see what people are saying in real time about your topic?  Search Twitter to find out who's tweeting about your topic and what they are saying.  This is a great resource for current events and popular culture.