The Joy Luck Club

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The beginning of this book starts off with a very sad conflict.  I enjoyed how the book switched between the present and past.  I really did not like the part with the baby (don't want to give too much away) because it was extremely sad.  This is a long book with many twists and turns.
Review by Rachel Johnson, 10th grade

I really enjoyed this book and the history behind it.  Review by Quavion Hollins, 9th grade

In this novel, there is a configuration of old-fashioned mothers and "all-American" daughters. Each chapter is a story from someone else's point of view and their heart-felt experiences. As the reader delves farther into their story, they (the reader) begin to learn dark secrets of each mother and daughter. To begin the journey, please read this book for it is full of Chinese beliefs and their (the woman's at least) way of living, past and present.
Review by Samantha Colburn, 10th grade