Rose Under Fire

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This book was written by Elizabeth Wein.  This book takes place in Germany and the main character is named Celia.  She has to deal with failure and hard times.  I enjoyed this book. 
Review by Quavion Hollins, 9th grade 

I like how the book is related to the book Night.  They try to put the Jews into slavery and beat them the same way as [in] Night. I did not like reading about the mistreatment of the Jewish people.  They were starved and did not get a lot of food.  I think the whole book was a wonderful book and it explained things in great detail.  I would give this book 5/5 stars.
Review by Rachel Johnson, 10th grade 

Although I had trouble getting through this particular book, I give it a "thumbs up". Sequel to Code Name Verity, this is another diary type book. [This book is] the written story of Rose Justice, a young ATA officer who gets caught by the Germans. She tells not only her [story] but many [other] people's stories from her [concentration] camp, Ravensbruck.  She also happens to love poetry and becomes friends with the "rabbits", people who were [the victims of cruel experiments]. This is a first class book for anyone who enjoys stories from [World War II].
Review by Samantha Colburn, 10th grade