Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong

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This graphic novel (comic book style)involves many heartfelt lessons from dealing with a broken family to school social statues.  The cheerleaders want new uniforms and the Robotics club need the money to go to the championship.  This unique combination of nerds and preps come together in an unexpected compromise to raise the money for both. This book also shows how the most unlikeliest of groups can come together and form strong bonds, although they will have their different spats. Review by Samantha Colburn, 10th grade 

Two kids fight over who will be the president from two clubs:  the robotics club and the cheerleading squad.  The captain of the cheerleader club wants Nolan to win $10,000 to buy the cheerleaders new uniforms.  [I enjoyed] how [the students were] always compet[ing] with each other about who would be president and how [the character] Nolen is in a robotics competition and I'm in robotics too.  I didn't like the girls who asked Nolen about making money for their new uniforms.
Review by Rachel Johnson, 10th grade 

I really enjoyed this story because it takes place in a high school and it was very funny and interesting.  It deals with many facets of teenage and high school life.  I really enjoyed the drawings as well.  
Review by Quavion Hollins, 9th grade