Matched Student Reviews

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Matched was an...interesting book.  This book shows the reader some problems that are happening (with) today's teenagers such as love, cheating, and rebellion.  It also has examples of how society tries to control our lives.  In this book a young girl begins to suspect her "perfect world" called the Society.  The girl, Cassia, finds out that the Society is not all it's cracked up to be. Cassia battles with feelings, loyalty, and faith.  Will she be able to find the boy she loves and will she be able to separate from a Society that has its roots buried deep under her life? This epic book will definitely have people eager to read until the book is done.  
Review by Samantha Colburn, 10th grade 

Cassia has always trusted the society's choices and she realizes there is a heavy price to pay for a long life. Reivew by Quavion Hollins, 9th grade