Crossed Student Reviews

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, the sequel to Matched, is even more interesting than the first book. Cassia and her family [have] been relocated to the Farming province. Cassia is sent to a work program and in the process is shipped out to the Outer provinces where the boy she loves, Ky, has just escaped. Both decide to run into the Carving, and they each take people with them.  It does not take long until the young lovers are reunited and they continue their journey. This journey takes skills, determination, and faith...[things that] Cassia, Ky, and their companions all [have].  In a race to beat the Society everyone will join together and then split apart to find the Rising.  This riveting story will surely keep the reader from stopping. With perseverance, love, and the hope of what will be Cassia and Ky will definitely have the reader enthralled enough to read until they have finished the last book. 
Review by Samantha Colburn, 10th grade