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A Moment Comes

posted Feb 11, 2015, 8:40 AM by

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Set in 1947 Pakistan, the story changes among three teens on the brink of a volatile situation after the British separate the Muslim and Sikh people. Tariq, a Muslim teen, gets caught in a mob and has to reconcile his actions from that afternoon with his dream of going to Oxford to study. Anupreet is barely healed from another mob attack when she begins work at the British home of Margaret, daughter of a British mapmaker. Tariq is working for the mapmaker and hopes that will earn him a reference to Oxford and a ticket away. As the three cross paths and cultures, each are pulled towards, and yet away, from each other as they struggle to find their worth and place. The danger outside the British home where one lives and two work, yet readers will know they are heading for an ending that will change the three teens’ lives in this well-crafted, intricate read.