The Neptune Project

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If you are interested in ocean life, then this is the book for you.  This novel is set in a futuristic world where the negative effects of global warming have had dire consequences for all of the species on Earth.  One brave girl sets out to do her part to save the world.  Find out what happens by reading The Neptune Project.  For more information about this book, check out the web resources below.

Readers Theater Script – Neptune Project (PDF)


Polly Holyoke’s homepage. This site includes information about the author, a synopsis of The Neptune Project and information on the sequel. Ms. Holyoke’s website has vast resources on dolphins, sharks, and other ocean life. She has included links to sites with vast amounts of information:

Photo gallery of Nere’s undersea world:

Youtube video of trainer using hand signals to train a dolphin. The hand signals are very clear:

Polly Holyoke facebook page:

Interview with Polly Holyoke.  This site has an excellent picture of the author in the ocean:

Interview with Polly Holyoke:

Class of 2k13 blog Interview with Polly Holyoke:

25 things you might not know about me at Me, My Shelf and I interview with Polly Holyoke:

Interview with Polly Holyoke:

Polly talks about reading, writing and being a super nerd:

Five cool factoids about Polly:                                                                                                 

Dolphins sounds:

Discussion questions for The Neptune Project:

Neptune Project scavenger hunt:

Trivia test about the sea (scroll down):                                                                                                  

Spaghetti-octopus dogs:

Keep away from the shark craft:!-craft/

Dolphin crafts:

Dolphin mask:

Shark crafts:

Shark fins:

Shark mask:

Starfish crafts:

Octopus crafts:

Squid crafts:

Jellyfish crafts:

Whale crafts:

Online ocean animal quiz:

Photos of underwater creatures:

Create an ocean motion:

Coral reef photos:

Online shark quiz:

Ocean animals online game:

Online ocean exploration game with points: