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I am so excited to finally be able to blog about Rump.  This was my absolute favorite book from this year's Bluebonnet list.  It gives a new perspective to the old fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin. It tells the story from Rump's perspective and readers will discover that perhaps Rumpelstiltskin is not as bad as the fairy tales make him out to be.  If you enjoy the fantasy genre and fairy tales, you will love this book.  It is a great read for both boys and girls.  For more information about this book, check out the web resources below.

Readers Theater Script – Rump (PDF)

Book Trailer by Random House:                                                                                                

The author’s website:

An interview with the author:

Another interview with the author:

Behind the name, the etymology and history of first names:

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Fractured Fairy Tales student interactive:

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Rindercella, a Spoonerism retelling of the Cinderella story

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