Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales: One Dead Spy

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This book is a graphic novel, which means comic book style.  It is well written and interesting but was definitely not my favorite book from this year's list.  It takes place during the Revolutionary War and students will learn many important facts about this time period from this book.  It does have a little bit of fantasy mixed in with the history however.  For more information about this book, check out the web resources below:

Readers Theater Script - One Dead Spy (PDF)



Brainy quotes:

The Declaration of Independence text:

American Revolution timeline:

The minutemen:

The Boston Tea Party:

Lexington and Concord:

George Washington commander in chief:


Benedict Arnold:

The Green Mountain Boys:

Green Mountain Boys:

Continental Army:

Artillery of the American Revolution:

Weapons of the American Revolution:

The Culper Gang:
http://www.clements.umich.ed u/exhibits/online/spies/stories-networks-3.html

Spy letters of the American Revolution:

Secret methods and techniques:

How to build a periscope (Scroll down):                                                                              

Keyhole spy tool:

Spy ID card (Scroll down):

Easy secret codes with cypher wheel:

How to make a book safe:

Make invisible ink (Scroll down):

Make fingerprint powder:

Make a spy journal:


Study questions:                                                                                        

Steps to knowing if ice is safe:

British redcoat photo: