Dead City

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Dead City by James Ponti is an action packed supernatural fiction book.  It takes place in New York City and highlights many lesser known (less touristy) areas of the city.  I loved reading about Roosevelt Island, the cable cars, and the subway tunnels.  Dead City has spooky parts but is not really a scary book.  Molly (the main character) becomes involved with a secret society, the Omegas, whose main job is to keep NYC safe from zombies.  There are different classifications of zombies and some are worse than others.  There is action and fighting in this book but no blood and gore.  It is a very exciting read.  I can't wait for the sequel!  For more information about this book and topics relating to this book, see the web links below.  

Author’s website:

Publisher’s website – Simon & Schuster:

Author’s facebook page for Dead City:

Links to interviews with James Ponti:

Story background:

NYC Subway–History, Fifty Years of Rapid Transit (1918) by James Blaine Walker about the politics and development of the New York subway; pictures of abandoned stations and subway cars (past and present), historical maps, documents and surveys and more.

Roosevelt Island Historical Society – Preservation of the history of Roosevelt Island which at one time was home to a penitentiary, a workhouse and a lunatic asylum.

History, information, and pictures of the New York Marble Cemetery:

Facts and figures about the Roosevelt Island Tramway:

J. Hood Wright Park history and photos:                                                                                        

Photos and history of the amazing City Hall Ghost Station:

The Blackwell House on Roosevelt Island:

Morningside Park history and photos:

N.Y.C. Sandhogs site:

National Geographic interactive site to explore underground New York:

NPR story exploring the abandoned caves and tunnels beneath New York:

New York geology:

Dead City Sodoku-Natalie, Alex, Grayson and Molly love to hang out together and fight zombies! Prime-O tries to get Molly’s friends to replace her. Can you keep them together by making sure that each person only appears once in every column, row and box?

Dead City Maze–Help Molly avoid her former friends, the “Seven Swans,” and avoid waking the zombies to help her join up with her Omega Team.