2X2 Reading List 2014-2015

Every year, the Texas Library Association's 2x2 committee reads hundreds of books and develops a list of 20 recommended books for children ages two through 2nd grade. Please ask your campus library staff member for more information about 2x2 books and 2x2 library programming.  You can also check out the 2X2 Book Blog.

An ice cream truck breaks down in the middle of the street and a traffic jam of epic proportions ensues. A mail truck, a crane truck and more fill the street. How will all of the trucks make their deliveries on time?  

Rabbit tries to run and hide, but the black rabbit is always there. Why won't he go away?

 There are problems in Bug City, and Bug Patrol is coming to the rescue.

It's time to count the monkeys!  It's fun and easy, so let's turn the page and get started...


Big trucks have big fun doing their jobs, but all have different personalities. Which truck would you like to be? 


Little T is afraid of going to the zoo, so her family imaginatively creates all the scary animals she may see. She’s soon ready for the trip, but then her family encounters a creature more frightening than any zoo animal.

So, you don’t want a dog or cat, but what you really want is a pet train? This guidebook shares all the information you will need to prepare for your mechanical friend.


A little boy shares his advice in this cautionary tale about sneaky yawns and their consequences.

Mommy says I’m her little mouse, but I can be so many other animals as well. Let me show you how.

Once upon a time there was a Texas gal named Little Red Hot who loved to eat chili peppers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Her favorite spicy treat is hot pepper pie; delicious and just the answer for getting rid of the cold germs that have her grandmother feeling under the weather. 

My friend says pink is pretty like a ballerina’s tutu, but I think pink is annoying—like an itchy bug bite. What colors make you happy?


This is the tale of a smile gone astray and how it comes back to save the day.


What vehicle is behind the die-cut circles?  Count the circles, turn the page and see!

In the deep, deep ocean lived two best friends.  Nugget and Fang did everything together, and life was perfect until Nugget went to school and learned that sharks and fish can't be friends.  


Patch is a good dog, most of the time. No matter what he does, however, he's always loveable.

Our world is full of shapes. Find circles, squares, rectangles and other shapes in this book and then look in your own neighborhood.


All superheroes get their powers from somewhere.  The more Super Hair-O's hair grows the more awesome his superpowers become, until he is taken to the villain's lair, and his superpowers are at risk of disappearing.  


 Touch and tap the magic tree and go through the four seasons in this highly interactive book.

Turkey Tot wants blackberries but they’re out of reach.  What inventive idea will he come up with to get the berries, despite his nay-saying friends?


Crocodile accidentally swallows a watermelon seed!  Will a watermelon grow in his stomach?

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