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Accelerated Reading Program

August 22, 2016    


We are excited to start a new year with our Accelerated Reading Program!  

We would like to familiarize you with the program by sharing some information about the program. 

1.        Every student is encouraged to participate in the Accelerated Reading

Program but is not required.  Grades will not be given for participation.

2.        Each student will have individual goals that will be determined by the teacher and student.  

These goals will be based on the STAR Assessments the student will take in the computer lab.  The test will help determine a ZPD  

      (Zone of Proximal Development) to establish the level of books the child

      should read and check out from the library.  The teacher will then

      determine the reasonable amount of points that child should be able to

      acquire if they are reading approximately 20 minutes per day.  These goals

      will be adjusted and monitored by the teacher as each student’s level of

      accuracy and comprehension increases. 

3.        To participate in the Reading Goals Celebration each six weeks, the student

must meet the following requirements:

     *They must earn all their predetermined A.R. points.

     *The must have an average of 85% accuracy on the tests they take.

If a student does not reach their individual goal for one six weeks, they will

still have the opportunity to reach their goal for the next six weeks since

the goals will not be cumulative.