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KIS Bluebonnet Reading List

Each year, the Texas Library Association's Bluebonnet Award Committee reads hundreds of books and nominates 20 of their favorites for the Texas Bluebonnet Award.  Students that read 5 of these books will be able to vote to help determine which book will win the Texas Bluebonnet Award.  See your campus library staff for more information on the Bluebonnet Book programming at your school.  The Bluebonnet Reading List is for students in grades 3-6 only.  For more information on the books, please see the Bluebonnet Book Blog.
Fraternal twins Owen, the jock, and Russell, the brains, coexisted for the majority of their life. This year,
however, their worlds are turned upside down when the new basketball coach makes all the boys try out,
and the brainiac ends up being a closeted Michael Jordan! Can the athlete brother keep pace and show
some academic prowess?
Willow, a twelve­ year­ old prodigy, loves the number 7, is obsessed with her garden and medical diseases,
and is not interested in the usual middle school activities! Told through Willow's voice, this heartwarming
story is filled with memorable characters who are thrust together by tragic circumstances. Their bonding
results in the true meaning of “family”.

Can crayons really go on STRIKE? Imagine opening your box of crayons only to discover the crayons have
all quit! When Duncan finds letters from his crayons complaining about his color choices, he realizes
crayons have feelings, too. What would you do to keep your crayons happy?
Pop Quiz — you are in the school bathroom with only a towel and flat iron when a zombie attacks. What do
you do? Luckily for Molly, her mother has secretly prepared her with martial arts, fencing, and birdwatching
lessons. Will those lessons pay off? Welcome to Molly Bigelow’s life!
Siblings Kit, Zander, and M.K. are on their own after Dad goes missing while exploring the world’s uncharted
land. This alternate reality has a clever steampunk style that provides interesting mechanical gadgets to
help in the quest to find their dad and the missing half of their treasure map. Revel in the blend of
engineering, cartography, anthropology, and geology for a great adventure.
Come tour the new and exciting grand opening of the Face Bug Museum! Learn about a variety of weird and
unusual insects through close­up photography of bug faces, humorous cartoon bug action, and some fun
poetry by a poet laureate.
After an unfortunate incident with the vacuum cleaner, Ulysses becomes a superhero squirrel! Flora
recognizes Ulysses' special potential as writer, adventurer, and peacemaker. This chapter book and graphic
novel hybrid, with loveable, unstoppable Ulysses, will steal your heart.
If you saw a sign that read “Spy Club Meeting – Today” would you want to know where and when? Would
you sneak out to attend? Join Georges as he moves into a new apartment and discovers that sometimes,
even when you’re looking closely, you can still miss the clues.
The clickety clack of Cousin Clara's knitting needles is a dreadful sound to Lester. Her quirky sweater
creations are beyond atrocious in this delightfully silly picture book. You will be glad she’s not your cousin!
Put on your thinking caps, or Clucker hats, and help Laurie and Bud solve the mystery of the famous
Tutweiler Treasure before the school board tears down Tuckernuck Hall! Unexpected twists and humorous
characters will keep you on your toes until the very end.
Meet the world famous mime, Marcel Marceau. “He chases butterflies without a net…He can be a tree or a
flower, a fish or a human being.” He rescues Americans parachuting into World War II France. His talent lies
in not making a sound. A biography that says volumes without words.
Yes, the author does share the name of the Revolutionary War spy, best remembered for his famous last
words: “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country.” This graphic novel provides insight into the
events leading up to the capture and hanging of one of America’s most well­-known and unfortunate spies.
In a future ravaged by global warming, Nere, daughter of oceanographer parents, sets out to save the world
with a team of newfound friends. Physical and mental obstacles challenge their courage and survival skills.
Together, they must brave the beautiful ocean while government agents and dangerous aquatic predators
lurk beneath the waves.
Most ten year olds love to keep secrets, but Odette must keep a secret to save her life. Written in free
verse, this story offers a different perspective of the hurt, confusion and strength of a young Jewish girl during
the Nazi invasion of Paris.
Rick Zengo, a fresh­on­the­beat detective on the Platypus Police Squad, is anxious to prove he is up to the
task. When a beloved English teacher from the local high school goes missing in an illegal synthetic­fish
deal gone awry, Zengo and his partner must stay hot on a trail taking them from swanky nightclub to the
underbelly of the city.
Can you keep a secret? When you are the mastermind behind amazing pranks, remaining anonymous can
be tough. That’s why Ben and his friends form the League of Picklemakers, a real club, whose sole purpose
is to pull pranks.
The last place you’d ever expect to see this aspiring paleontologist is in a beauty pageant. But when Rebel
wants to raise money for the Ice Age Kids’ Dig and Safari summer camp, she’s willing to try anything.
Follow her as she ventures into the unfamiliar realm of hairstyles, makeup, and fancy dresses. After all, how
hard can it be?
Think you know the story of Rumpelstiltskin? Think again! Rump has been bullied his whole life because of
his name. Join his journey to find his destiny and break a magical curse in this new take on a familiar tale.
Spy School is out for summer, but attendance at Survival Camp is mandatory! For twelve­ year ­old Ben, the
camp experience will come in handy, as he is trying to survive death threats from Spyder, the evil rival spy
network. No time for vacation in the world of espionage!
Sometimes it’s easier to be friends with the characters in a book than it is with people around us. When
Anna’s best friend starts hanging around other girls, Anna finds comfort and companionship in the pages of
her favorite books, while learning how to make dumplings and sew drawstring bags. Read along with Anna
as she learns to make friends and embrace her family’s unique culture heritage.